About Us

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Why are Home Loans So Confusing?

Let’s be real: Home loans can be a mess. They come with a lot of technical jargon, tricky interest rates, and many complex details. To make matters worse, the advice you get on home loans is skewed, it aims to meet someone else’s sales targets or earn them higher commissions. The result?

You end up confused, lost and stressed. Make the wrong choice, and each EMI becomes a recurring headache.

A woman puzzled while choosing between Bank A and Bank B, overwhelmed by EMI and Interest Rates confusions. Finansh aims to solve in the home loan process.

Enter Finansh! 🚀

We’re not okay with that confusion and stress. We’re here because we value your dream of homeownership. Our mission is to transform that dream into reality by ensuring that the entire home loan process is easy to understand and navigate. We promise to be with you every step of the way – until you have the keys to your dream home and beyond.

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Who We Are

We are your friend who’s good with numbers and has your best interests at heart. Our team is a blend of experts from both the banking and tech worlds. We don’t just talk finance; we offer practical solutions. With us, you’ll find honest, solid advice – no tricks, no pressure, no sales gimmicks.


FinBo, Your Personal Guide: Consider FinBo your Home Loan GPS. Using smart algorithms, it listens to you needs, does the math, and finds the best home loan options that suits your unique needs perfectly.

Real People, Real Advice: While smart tech is great, finance needs human wisdom. Our seasoned ex-bankers step in to offer unbiased, expert advice.

We Handle the Tough Stuff: Once you’ve found the perfect home loan, our partners take it from there. They manage all the paperwork and deliver the loan to your doorstep at no extra cost.

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Ready for your Dream Home?

Whether you’re planning to buy, refinance, or simply better understand home loans, we’re here to help. Chat with FinBo and connect with one of our experts today. Let’s turn your dream home into a reality!

Got Questions?

Let’s feed your curiosity with answers to some frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any other queries.

We breathe banking expertise! Our team consists of highly skilled ex-bankers with extensive experience in retail and corporate loans. Their wealth of knowledge, combined with our cutting edge tech and the experience of our trusted fulfillment partners makes us true experts in the business.

Finansh Fulfilled is our promise to make your home loan journey stress-free. With this service, you get your home loan from your preferred bank and have it delivered to your doorstep, all at no extra cost.

And that’s not all. As a Finansh Elite customer, you’ll enjoy lifetime support, free property and builder checks, and more. Plus, you’ll get early access and special discounts on our upcoming products and services. Consider it our way of saying a big “Thank You!

We currently serve Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, but if you’re outside these cities, don’t worry! Just post your query on Finansh Community on facebook and we’ll guide you through the home loan process with your local bank branch.

Great question! Our services are 100% free for you because we earn through Finansh fulfilled loans, with banks compensating us through our fulfillment partners. So you get quality service without the extra cost.

As for staying unbiased, we don’t hold Direct Selling Agent licenses ourselves, meaning no sales targets dictate our advice.

Choosing Finansh fulfilled means getting the best deal. Our Finansh Fulfilled service matches and often beats offers you’d get at a bank branch by optimizing your loan application and by ensuring you get the benefit of all available discounts and concessions.

For Finansh Fulfilled Home Loans, you can expect loan disbursement within 5-10 days for bank approved builder projects and 7-14 days for Under Construction properties or Balance Transfer of your existing home loan. A single branch visit is usually needed for document signing during disbursement, although a few banks offer the convenience of home documentation.

To keep you in the loop, you’ll get a dedicated Finansh Expert. You can reach out to them anytime via Phone or Whatsapp for real-time loan status updates.

FinBo is your smart, secret weapon in solving the home loan puzzle. Using advanced algorithms, it understands your needs and compares India’s top 13 Banks and NBFCs to find the perfect fit for you.

Keep in mind that our recommendations are based on current, publicly available data and lender policies. The final say rests with the lenders, so while FinBo sets you on the right path, the final steps are yours to take.